Aug. 21 and 22: First Weekend in Iksan

During my first weekend in my homestay, I went camping with my homestay family and some of their friends and other relatives. They rented a camper and we drove about 2 hours and landed in a campsite. We didn’t actually do any outdoor hiking or exploring…but we did grill food and then we just sat around drinking and talking (well I mainly listened!) We actually got kicked out of the campsite because our camper was taking up too much space so the next morning we went to another place which consisted of many pavillions, a restaurant and a pool. There was also a river nearby. Everyone went swimming and then we went fishing. They didn’t use fishing poles though. They looked like fly swatters with fishing line attached to it. I caught 8 fish!! Well they were very small, but I still caught them. I didn’t touch them though, the younger boys got them off of the hook for me. There were actually 5 different hooks on the line and one time, I caught 3 fish on the same line!! It was pretty awesome. It was a pretty fun camping trip and I was able to get to know my homestay family a lot better.

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August 19, 2010 First day in Iksan!!

I have been in Korea since July 4, 2010. It has been a fun adventure so far! I finished Orientation last Thursday and am now living in my homestay in 익산 (Iksan). In my homestay family, my homestay father works for LG Life Science, which is a company that makes biological compounds. My homestay mother is a stay at home mom and I have two siblings. A 17 year old brother who is a 2nd year (Junior) in high school and a 12 year old sister (6th grade). My host parents do not really speak English. They know a few words, but the conversation is very limited. My brother is very quiet and he is always studying. In Korea, 3rd year (Senior) high school students take a big exam that determines what college they will attend. My sister speaks English well, so she and I are the closest and she is usually a translator. The family also has a Yorkie named Co Co. We live in a high rise apartment on the 22nd floor (top floor). I have a great view out of my window and can see the high school where I teach. Everything seems to be going well so far!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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